Datacenter & Access Network

We use multiple datacenters depending on location, product, service-type as deemed optimal for the plan configuration. They are SoftLayer, AtlantaNAP, Ctrls and Private Co-location providers.

Datacenter SoftLayer: servers are housed in the world class Softlayer Datacenter in Dallas, Texas. The Datacenter features redundant UPS systems, generator backup, VESPA detection systems, closed circuit monitoring of all areas and entrances, card key access, 24 hour guard manned security, redundant a/c systems, and more. The SoftLayer network consists of multiple connections to the main U.S. internet backbone utilizing ten different providers which maximizes uptime, reliability, and speed.

The data centre offer us complete redundancy through multiple GigE, OC3 and DS3 lines with total bandwidth over 220 Gbit/s. SoftLayer runs one of the largest IP backbones in the US. This makes our data centre one of the fastest in the United States of America.

Lightening fast Servers: We use only top-of-the-line DELL Quad XEON based servers. Each server has SCSI hard drives connected in RAID configuration and at least 12GB of system memory. Our hardware is chosen specifically for its reliability and interoperability with Windows Server 2008 Enterprise, our preferred high-performance operating system.

Datacenter AtlantaNAP: utilizes the AtlantaNAP facility and network in Atlanta, GA as our data center partner for our new Quad Core, Dual Xeon Harpertown server hardware.

Power: Atlanta NAP is one of the few facilities able to support higher power density applications. Power is dual fed from the grid and protected though multiple redundant N+1 paralleled generator and ups power systems. Each UPS is configured with an additional full wrap-around bypass for extra redundancy.

Cooling Systems: Datacenter has 2000 tons of cooling piped into its floor to support 225 watts of average critical load. The cooling tower system is made up of 4x500 ton units that are paralleled together for redundancy. Each bank of cooling towers utilizes state of the art variable frequency energy management technology. As with all core systems, the cooling towers are N+1, fed by redundant N+1 pumps. The NAP also has innovative green technology of air to air exchange for additional efficiency.

Fire Protection: Datacenter uses a state-of-the-art dual interlock dry pipe fire suppression system. High-tech smoke detectors signal the pipes to switch from compressed air to water. When a sprinkler head is set off by an actual fire, water is deployed to the affected zone only. Floors are equipped with floor drains to drain the building in case of system activation.

Connectivity: Sitting on one of AGL's main fiber backbones, databcenter operates a multiple 10 G Ethernet connections back to key communications centers in Atlanta. They have co-location in Telx at 56 Marietta, offering 100 mb and Gigabit Ethernet metro cross connects to any one of the more than 100 carriers located in the Telx building. The NAP has a lit fiber segment to Level3 at 345 Courtland which was engineered to not touch or come near Telx for disaster purposes to ensure that the NAP is not single homed to an single network failure point.

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