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Standard hosting:

Windows hosting and Linux hosting configured for low-medium traffic website.  We support a wide range of software and technology PHP MySQL PERL Python ASP ASP.NET SQL ColdFusion and ASP AJAX.

Load balanced hosting:

Premium shared hosting configured for medium-heavy traffic website. Our multi-server clustered hosting with network load balancing and fail-over, handles high load spikes seamlessly delivering high uptime and performance. Check details of Linux clustered hosting and Windows clustered hosting.

Semi-Dedicated hosting:

Semi dedicated hosting is basically dedicated hosting, except the server is shared between a very limited number of users. Semi-Dedicated Hosting is for users that want more power than virtual accounts often offer, but aren't quite ready to make the leap to a dedicated server. By going with a semi-dedicated server they will be on a machine where they have access to a large portion of the resources, allowing them to run more traffic intensive websites as well as more complex scripts and software.

Testimonial: Advanced User

As always your service is top class so you are the natural choice for future web hosting. Outstanding service!
Pete Wilson