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  • Certificates by Verisign
  • Certificates by GeoTrust
  • Certificates by Thawte
  • Domain validated SSL
  • Organization validated SSL
  • Extended Validation SSL


SSL Certificate Provider

SSL Guarantees

  • Security of data transfer
  • Credibility of service provider
  • Builds Confidence in buy process
  • Satifing Customer relationships
  • World standard of On-line security
  • Online Purchase Warranty


Do I need a dedicated IP?

If your server or website is hosted on our network, you donot require a dedicated IP to enable SSL certificate based encryption. Incase your server or website is not on our network, please contact your hosting provider to answer this question.

Will you help me setup SSL certificate?

If your server or website is hosted on our network, just purchase a SSL certificate and we will genereate the CSR, assist you with validation where required and install the certificate for you. Incase your server or website is not on our network, we will provide you with an automated interface that will enable you to submit the CSR & Key with validation documents. Generation of CSR, Key and installation of certificate has to be done by you.

Which SSL certificate is best for me?

We have tried to explain the types and values of each category here. For further recommendation, please make a ticket and provide us details of your website, company and intended use.

Can the SSL certificate be reissued?

The certifing authority allows reissues, period of which varies depending on product and certifying authority.

More Than One Secured Domain Per Certificate Allowed

It is possible to have more than one secured domain name or subdomain incorporated into a single SSL Certificate. This is achieved by purchasing a multi-domain SSL certificate or a wildcard SSL certificate, Although more expensive than a regular, single-domain private SSL, you are able to have all the secured domains and subdomains within a single account. They all can share the same dedicated IP address, which saves both the cost of maintaining separate accounts and purchasing more than one dedicated IP. To get this please make a ticket.