This guide will help you setup mySQL databases in your hosting control panel. The screenshots below are for cPanel, popular Linux control panel, we provide will all our Linux hosting plans. With the help of this guide, anyone should be able to setup their first mySQL database with ease. As with any computer application, you will need to follow the directions and read the entire guide or things will not work. 

MySQL Guide - Setting up a MySQL Database

1. Click on( MySQL Databases ) in cPanel.

MySQL Guide - Creating the MySQL Database

2. Enter MySQL database name

3. Click the (create MySQL database)

MySQL Guide - Creating the MySQL User

4. Enter a MySQL user name

5. Enter a MySQL user password

6. Click the ( create MySQL user ) button

MySQL Guide - Grant MySQL user permissions to MySQL database

7. Select MySQL user

8. Select MySQL database

8. Check privileges "ALL"

9. Click the ( Grant permissions ) button

MySQL Guide - MySQL Database Connection Details

Host: localhost
Database Name: cpanelusername_databasename
Username: cpanelusername_mysqlusername
Password: mysqluserpassword