Steps to follow in Shifting your Website to our Servers

Contrary to belief, moving your site to a new web host is easy, if you take care of a few points. Follow these steps to ensure that your site is moved as quickly as possible, while also minimizing (or even eliminating) the need for any site downtime.

Before starting you have the following information,

From your Existing web host & Our servers -

Step 1:  Creating your email accounts:  Login to your Hosting Control panel (HELM/CPanel). The URL and username password will in your activation email. Create all your existing email (POP3) accounts and any new accounts you plan to use immediately.

This is required, to enable emails sent to these email accounts, to be received by at our  hosting server. Configuring your email accounts in advance, before transferring your domain name, allows you to avoid any bounced or lost emails.

Step 2:  Backup your existing website to your HDD

Download a latest copy of your existing website, at you existing web host, to your HDD (Hard Disk Drive).  You may do this via FTP.  If required, Please see FTP Tutorials for same. You will need username & password of your existing web-host to login. At the end of this process, you will have a folder on your computer containing your entire web site and databases.


Step 3:  Upload your site to our server

Please open your website backup, from your computer's HDD, in a web browser and check if you backup is accurate & latest. Once you have verified that, you now need to connect to the FTP server of your new web hosting, log in using the user name and password provided in your activation email, upload the pages, pictures & databases into the public_html (Linux OS) / wwwroot (Windows OS), as applicable. Please see FTP Tutorial using on popular FTP clients. Once complete you will have a replica of you HDD website on your web hosting server.


Step 4:  Database Shift & Configuration

Create the database(s) (MySQL/MSSQL) via the hosting control panel (cPanel/HELM). Create a USER for the database and map the DB to the USER.


Now you need to upload the data into the database,

For MySQL - please use PhpMyAdmin link available via your Hosting Control Panel (cPanel/HELM) and upload your data dump into your database. (Using PhpMyAdmin to restore your database).

For MSSQL - please populate the database using DTS or SQL log or 3rd party tool, depending on the type/size of the database. (Using DTS to restore your SQL database), It is best to use Microsoft Enterprise Manager to manage your SQL2005 database. (Connect to SQL database via Enterprise Manager)

For MS Access, Text DB or Javascript DBs - please copy the databases via FTP to the appropriate location on your server. For optimal security is is preferred to copy the Access database(s) into the /db/ directory and create a DSN via HELM for the same. This DSN is then called by your script. As the database resides outside your wwwroot directory, it is secure.


Now modify your scripts, to reflect the database name, password, database server  or DSN accurately.


Step 5:  Domain name pointing change

Changing the pointing of your domain name involves modifying your domain name record (at your domain registrar). Such that, instead of pointing to your web site on your old web host, it points to the address of your site on our server. This involves change of the DNS setting (Name Servers) via the Domain Name's Control panel to the DNS settings of our web host server.

The exact procedure for doing this will vary between domain registrars. It would normally involve login to the domain name control panel, at your domain registrar and modifying the DNS settings as per your activation email.  See Flash movie tutorials for doing this, for popular domain registrars, at the Support Page.

On completion of above, you should allow 24-36 hours for complete propagation of your domain name servers changes across all locations and protocols. After this period your website will be working from your New Servers.


Caution: The tutorial above is meant for persons with some prior knowledge of the computers, internet & web hosting. If you donot have any previous knowledge of the internet/web hosting  or  have a complex website  or  have a mission critical website, we recommend you ask us to do a professional website transfer for a nominal cost.