Content Delivery Network

Global content delivery optimisation

Today speed is everything. If you have website visitors and customers spread across the globe, the physical distance of client from server creates havoc due to network bottlenecks, even though your hosting server is screamingly fast! Net result only 10-30% of your website viewers experience the intended website performance.

So what do we do??? If we move web-server to an alternate part of the world, other geographical customers face the same issues. Ideally we need multiple geographically locale web-servers, serving the same content to clients physically closest to them. But then how would we sync the data across multiple servers; what about databases!; and finally let say 10 servers for one website, the cost would go through the roof!

This is where Content Delivery Network (CDN) comes in. It is a network of web-servers spread geographically that sync data from the origin server (starting server or main server) and serve content to customers located closest to them. CDN are optimised for serving static website content such as pictures, css files, javascript files, media files and digital downloads. This ensures that the origin server still hosts the dynamic databases, ensuring data integrity. This drastically improves website performance for 90% of the global visitors.

At Indic Hosts, we have partnered with global top-level content delivery service leader, with edge-servers in 70 countries to provide to an economical world-class solution.

What do you get?

  • Instant global reach without growing your IT infrastructure
  • Performance improvement through edge delivery by 61,000 servers in 70 countries
  • Reliability improves with CDN’s global redundancy

How does it work?

  • First we replicate your original static content to our content delivery network platform
  • When a user requests content, our mapping, content replication, and route optimization technologies deliver it via the fastest, most reliable path from the server closest to the user, improving performance and reliability of both retrieval and delivery
  • Freshness control features ensure that the content served to end users is always current
  • All account profiles are setup and fully managed, no technical skill required and emailed reports.

Tell us what you need?

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Example: Video Delivery (mp4 over CDN)

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Example: Music Delivery (mp3 over CDN)


Test download speed

100MB file download with CDN
100MB file download without CDN

12MB image download with CDN
12MB image download without CDN

Is the CDN working?

Sometimes we need to actually see it to believe it. To see a CDN in action click here. Note how the server IP Address changes as the ping location changes geographically. Note the “avg. rrt” time for your city.

Now see how a file is called in normal hosting, click here. Note the IP Address remains same across the globe and how the “avg. rrt” times vary geographically.

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