Frequently Asked Questions (Pre-Sales)

Last updated: 25th February 2024

How soon will my account be activated?
New clients are set up within 8 hours after manual verification. Subsequent orders are set up immediately or within 3 hours depending on the service ordered.

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?
Web hosting packages come with a 90-day unconditional money-back guarantee. If our service is not everything you expected and more, we will refund 100% of your subscription price. 

Do you offer a service level guarantee?
At, we guarantee 99.9% network uptime for our web hosting servers. If the average availability of websites hosted by on a server falls below 99.9%, we will credit you the next month’s service fee as per our SLA (Service Level Agreement).

Will you advertise on my website?
We offer premium hosting and will never advertise on your website, not even on our free hosting plan. 

Do you maintain website backups?
We maintain full account backups. This includes all files, email accounts, and databases. In the rare event of a hard drive failure, we can instantly restore your entire account. However, we strongly recommend all clients keep an updated backup of your website with us.

Can I host multiple domains?
Yes, host as many domains as your shared hosting plan allows. Need more, pay minor additional fees for extra hosted domains. Get semi-dedicated hosting to host multiple domains with multiple cPanel logins with data isolation between domains. On Cloud hosting VPS or a dedicated server, max out your hardware, there are no limits on anything.

Can I upgrade my plan at a later date?
We allow clients to upgrade plans. You can add more resources (bandwidth or disk space etc.) to your plan or upgrade to higher plans at any time.

Do you offer a price lock guarantee?
We guarantee that your price will never increase and your benefits will never decrease for the period of your prepaid service term. That’s right, we not only say that your rate will not increase, but we also guarantee it in writing!

On renewal of service after the completion of the prepaid term of service, your service fee may increase incrementally, to accommodate for the cost of living increase, inflation, and vendor license fee changes if any.

Clients that wish to prepay for larger service terms to lock the price and benefits available today, should contact customer service with their wish.

Do I have to register my domain with you?
We offer domain registration, it’s complimentary but not-mandatory with our web hosting service.

I already have a domain name, what do I do?
Since you already have a domain name, just enter it during the signup process or you can transfer the domain to us, to consolidate your digital assets.

Can you host international domains?
We can host any domain, of any country. That’s right, we can host any and all domain names. 

How can I pay you?
We accept payments via Stripe (Credit Cards), 2Checkout (PayPal) as well as Razorpay (Netbanking). We accept all major credit cards – Visa, Master Card & American Express.

Can I view your server uptime stats?
We use a commercial 3rd party service to monitor and maintain our uptime stats, available at Uptime Report. These stats are the deciding factor for any SLA credit claims.

Where are your servers located?
We use multiple TierV datacenters located in the United States, Europe and Asia.

Will you transfer my accounts?
We can seamlessly transfer your account with website, emails & settings, if you are using the cPanel control panel on your old hosting provider, at no additional charge.

If you are not using the cPanel control panel on your old web hosting provider, we can do a complimentary transfer at no additional charge of all your websites, email accounts, and databases to our network for one website, up to 5GB of combined data. If your data is in excess of 5GB, we may charge a nominal fee.

Do you allow Adult Content?
We allow websites with legal adult content only, subject to the applicable law of the data center you choose to deploy your account. We do not allow pornographic or sexually explicit images, videos of children, or any media, or content obtained illegally to host on our servers. More information is available in our Acceptable Use Policy.

Can I send mass emails?
You can use our service to send transactional email or legal business emails. However, we have zero tolerance for SPAM. Spamming (sending unsolicited emails from our servers, or using an e-mail address that is related to our company or hosted on any of our servers) is strictly prohibited. Violators will see their accounts terminated immediately.

Can you install a script on my account?
We can do manual installation of a script for you. Most scripts can be installed with a single click, with script install Softaculous or WordPress Toolkit included free with our web hosting service.

Why should I sign up for a year instead of paying monthly?
Pay longer service terms for lower prices and peace of mind. We discount most plans for annual term or longer. However are not locked in via a contract so you can cancel at any time.