Heads Up: cPanel’s Price is Going Up Again! 1st Jan 2024

by | Oct 5, 2023 | News

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Guess what? The cost of cPanel licenses is on the rise once more, just like it did in September 2022. This makes it the 5th straight year they’ve raised the price. This time, they’re bumping it up by about 10%.

This new pricing kicks in from January 1, 2024, and will stay that way for the entire year. Here’s a quick look at the new costs:

  • cPanel Solo (1 account): Was $15.99, now $17.49
  • Admin (max 5 cPanel accounts): Was $27.99, now $29.99
  • Pro (max 30 cPanel accounts): Was $39.99, now $42.99
  • Premier (max 100 cPanel accounts): Was $59.99, now $60.99
  • Bulk (any account over 100): Was $0.39, now $0.40

Looks like every plan’s price went up by roughly 10%.

Cool New cPanel Features Coming in 2024

On the plus side, cPanel is adding some cool new stuff. They’re jazzing up their look and adding a platform to manage teams and build websites. They’ve also talked about bringing in some top-tier monitoring tools. And hey, they’re amping up their security to tackle third-party software issues.


Thinking About Ditching cPanel?

If you’re not feeling the cPanel price hike, there are other options out there. DirectAdmin is one of them – it’s affordable, and it supports a lot of major web servers. Plus, it’s solid with MariaDB and MySQL.

There’s also CyberPanel. What’s cool about it? It’s free, open-source, and community-backed. It’s also user-friendly and has its own set of security tools. If you’re into it, you can even get a cloud server that’s set up with CyberPanel from us in just one click!

Webmin is another free option. It’s all about Linux servers and is a great alternative to cPanel. And guess what? We also offer a cloud server with Webmin, ready to roll!


Updated on 6th October 2023:
We at IndicHosts strive to offer you our products at the lowest possible price. However, cPanel has announced a new pricing and licensing structure. Therefore, we will also need to adjust to cPanel’s new pricing policy and adjust our price of web hosting, semi-dedicated and cloud hosting similarly, with effect from 1st January 2024.

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