cPanel introduces the ‘Manage Team’ feature

by | Aug 11, 2023 | News, Tutorials

cpanel manage teams feature

We are thrilled to announce that cPanel’s new feature to Manage Teams. With collaboration and teamwork at the heart of every successful online endeavor, this feature will enables clients to enable multiple users to access their cPanel hosting accoutn with rights and limitation,

Benefits of ‘Manage Teams’:

  1. Collaborative Access: Gone are the days when you had to share a single set of login credentials. With ‘Manage Teams’, multiple members can have distinct access based on their roles, ensuring a smooth workflow.
  2. Role-based Permissions: Define roles and assign them to your team members. Whether it’s a developer, content manager, or a database admin, each role can be assigned specific access to ensure no accidental changes occur in areas they shouldn’t be meddling in.
  3. Streamlined Workflow: With multiple members working in parallel, tasks that once took hours can now be completed in minutes.
  4. Audit Trail: Keep a tab on who did what. Every action by team members is logged, ensuring you can track changes and maintain accountability.

    Getting Started: A Beginner’s Guide

    1. Log into cPanel: Use your primary cPanel credentials to log in.
    2. Navigate to Manage Teams: On your cPanel dashboard, you should see a new tab or icon labeled ‘Manage Teams’. Click on it.
    3. Create a Team: Click on the ‘Create Team’ button. You’ll be prompted to name your team and provide a brief description (optional).
    4. Add Members: Once your team is created, click on the ‘Add Members’ option. Enter the email addresses of your team members.
    5. Assign Roles: After adding members, click on the ‘Assign Roles’ button. Here, you can select predefined roles or create custom roles with specific permissions.
    6. Save and Exit: After setting up, hit save. Your team members will receive email notifications inviting them to join your cPanel team.

    Remember, while collaboration is the key, always be mindful of who you provide access to. Ensure all team members are trustworthy and understand the responsibilities that come with their roles.

    We’re super excited about this feature and believe it will revolutionize how you use cPanel. As always, we’re eager to hear feedback. Dive in, explore, and let us know what you think!

    More reading – Manage Team Documentation

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